19/08: Confidence in MGH

2008 American Hao 0801 Pu-erh Tea Cake is the very first tea we managed to make.

When it arrived, it received some 'bad' review, some would suggest it offered very little in terms of taste, the broth was thin, not much in it, so it was labeled as 'one dimensional'.

Being our first product, we did not have a high expectation, nor we got much confidence, so let it be.

After 4 years stored in Indianapolis, I checked it again today. What a nice surprise!

First of all, it looked light aged somewhat, some tea leaves turned golden, it smelled light aged as well.


When it got brewed, the broth was copper tone yellowish, and thick, it delivered a genuine Yiwu taste profile.


I'm very encouraged to see what happed. Here is my bet, if you drink it after an oily meal like steak, you will simply fall love with this tea.

We are confident our new MGH series products would become even better.

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Can't speak for the 801, but the 802 has been continually impressing me.

I hope all is well. I can't believe that it is already fall 2012; I am still enjoying MGH 2011 cakes! The 2012 anniversary cakes look cute.
20/08 10:24:15
I am pride of these 2012 anniversary cakes, I hope I could get more of the similar this Fall.
28/08 20:43:27

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