14/08: 2012 Autumn Tea Trip

How time flies! It's that time of the year again. Of course I did not mean Christmas, but the time is now for a Fall tea trip.

Honestly, I have thought if I could afford this, considering the ever increasing costs related to this.

But, it seems I don't have a choice either. If I do not go this Fall, our limited stock would become a soaring problem in the holiday seasons.

So I would like to check the status of our stock in the next few days, and prepare an 'A' list. It seems to me that people are still holding back on spending, so they want to spend as little as possible when it comes to a tea purchase. I know it's hard to get the 'good' stuff while spending little. The same here, no supplier would sell me the stuff under his cost.

The point is I have to be there to catch any possibility. For instance, the cost of a tea just made would be 10% less than it 3 month down the road, and some hot products are quickly sold out.

This time around, I will stay for a short period. Fly in, check, shop, pack, and fly out.

Comments made

Really liked last years Big leaf Guafengzhai. Also can you keep an eye out for any decent 90"s raw tuochas?
Hope you have a good trip.
14/08 21:57:59
Thanks. My fingers are crossed.
16/08 20:35:55
My fingers too.
20/08 10:47:00

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