07/08: On aged tea

Some of our customers have asked me why not stocking up some aged teas.

There are a couple of reasons I would like to provide as follows.

1. The aged tea is too expensive. Often one aged Pu-erh tea cake would cost the same you buy the whole box of new teas, that's a 1:42 ratio. I failed to find an aged tea (or any tea for the matter) that was $ 200 per cake worthy. To me, $ 100 per tea cake is already an exception under any circumstance. Our small/limited budget prevents us to stock the aged teas.

2. I am not a big fan of aged tea. You are only going to find the teas I liked in our shop, if I don't like them, I won't buy them. As you know, majority of so-called aged teas are from 'wet storage', I simply don't like the taste of it. Some insists that the feeling of heavy mold and dirt are required for a Pu-erh tea - I could not agree with that.

I found I enjoyed those 'semi-aged', dry storaged tea much better, since they tasted still like a tea with weak bitterness and mild astringence, yet friendly to my stomach with some special aroma you could not find in a raw/green new tea.

The theory is that if a tea is aged long enough, it becomes fermented. Very few of so-called aged teas that I did like were tasted pure and clean (truly dry storaged), very much like a cooked/shu/fermented tea. But why bother? If I like a matured tea, not a 'wet storaged', a good cooked/shu/fermented Pu-erh tea would do a better job at one-tenth of the cost.

Comments made

I fully agree about the wet storage aged teas from '90s and before I have sampled from a few vendors, and have concluded I would rather have a good cooked for much much cheaper and usually more flavors. My favorite of all teas are around 10 to 15 years old dry storage raw even if they have had maybe a bit of humidity, and the prices are usually not too high. These seem to be the most enjoyable to me. my favorite from your shop is 2003 Yiwu Zhengshan old tree round cake. But I also very much like the young sheng for there wide variety of flavors. This years Best of Mengku sample I tried is absolutely great. I would like to see more of the 10 to 15 year old dry stored teas in your shop though.
11/08 02:30:53
I am glad not all people were misleaded by those so-called tea masters who wanted to sell their over-priced 'old' teas.
13/08 08:37:05

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