05/07: 2006 Dayi 7572 Tasting Note

The tea I was tasting was 2006 Dayi 7572 Pu-erh Tea Cake.

Even through this tea cake is more than 5 years old, it is also stored in Kunming, so I won't expect too much effect of old aroma (chenxiang). The leave quality is considered as poor according to today's standard.

I took about 4-5 g from the loose edge of the cake, and placed into a 120ml gaiwan. I always think the gaiwan is the best equipment in a tea tasting, because it hides/obsorbs/changes nothing.

The water, unfortunately, is tap water, and the tap water in Indiana could be the worst in the state. One way to improve it is to boil the water for a while.

OK, let's start.

The tea washing (the first brew) had no surprise. The tea hesitated to open up.

The second brew produced a light chestnut colored water, no surprise here either. If the color of the soup was heavily dark, I can tell you it's not a 6 years old tea. I drank a bit and let the rest go wasted. The taste was light, with little aroma. So the tea had not opened up yet.

At the third brew, I took a picture as follows:


I should say I was not exactly impressed. I did not tasted much of the sweetness I liked in a ripe Pu-erh. But it got no 'off' taste, not pondy, not fishy, not even earthy, but pretty smooth.

At the 5th brew, the brewed tea looked just the same, I could not help checking the leaves at this stage.


The 6th brew, it remained its calm, the taste was improved a bit, it was an enduring tea to brew.

Some sweetness came off the 8th brew, and it did taste better at the 9th brew, but I did not find it worth going. Who says Dayi 7572 is the best ripe tea?

I pointed my finger to the tap water, we were not going to have a good result today. Let's try it some other time.

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