01/07: 2012 Himalaya Trip DV

I landed at Indianapolis on June 28th. safe and sound.

One thing I learnt from my trips to the east (average twice per year) was that I should take it really easy. No need to rush, just come down to enjoy life. Do you remember at what age Mr. Steven Jobs passed away?

So I started to make DVs. By using a MacBook Air, my HD DV - My trip to Himalaya would be posted to Youtube one after another.

My 2012 trip to Himalaya, Part I

My 2012 trip to Himalaya, Part II

My 2012 trip to Himalaya, Part III

Trip in Review

Now I seemed to become someone who observed the world from the sidewalk, no action needed, but just watched it. The world and its people were strange and odd, all embition, greed, and envy, I saw enough.

Who cares! Guess I did changed after my trips. People are foolish to forget what is the most important in their life. I made the same mistake.

If I would make my second run - that is, to return to the east this year, the time is now to plan.

Comments made

Glad you made it back safe, I see 2 new MGH but when will the rest of the MGH series be available the large cakes and bricks? as I am waiting for them to place my next order.
03/07 02:05:39
I would love to experience that beautiful country. Very nice videos but the music throws me off a bit. The religious practices of other countries really interests me. The part 2 isnt working on youtube.
03/07 02:17:06
The rest of new MGH shall come very soon. They are some of the bests we managed to make. My DVs have to be modified for the background sounds, they will be done in just a few days.

Thanks for your interests.
03/07 21:14:48

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