21/06: 2012 Himalaya Trip

2012 Himalaya trip ends on June 17th.

Our trip started from Kunming. My brother's little SUV (during the trip, his car had broken down 3 times!) took us to Dali, Shangrila via the Route 214 to enter Tibet. Then we turned to the Route 318 to travel from the east of Tibet (the most wonderful scenery I had ever seen) all way to Lhasa. There I applied a permit to travel to the west of Tibet (highly sensitive area) as a chinese, and got a Nepal visa as a foreigner (I had no Chinese passport). We went to the base camp, Mt. Everest, and finally enrouted to a lower land to Nepal.

In Nepal, I spent most time in Kathmandu, but we did take a tourist trip (you knew, the package deal) to Chitawan and Pokhara. To be honest, Chitawan was over-rated, and Pokhara was not in its best season.

I have posted most photos I took during the trip at here:

I also took some DV that would be made into Youtube movies in the next few weeks.

The cost of the trip was much more than I had expected, a total $ 1,750 was spent. The plane ticket from Kathmandu to Kunming alone was $ 420 (I won't be able to return Tibet via land as a foreigner), plus I bought over $ 300 worth of gifts, so it was reasonable after all.

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