21/05: 2012 Spring Tea Trip - new MGH Chocolate Bars

Here is a sneak preview of newly made MGH Chocolate Bars.

The great tradition continues ... It's only getting better.

MGH 1203 Imprial Ripe Pu-erh Brick - The best Chocolate Bar
By using the best raw material, we anticipated that this brick would be a long term winner appreciated from all walks of life.

MGH 1204 Grade 7 Ripe Pu-erh Brick - Nice & easy
Thick, earthy, very much durable to brew, it could only get better in a long term.

MGH 1205 Bulang Green Pu-erh Brick - Charming and poweful
A new kid on the block, now you can enjoy a nice green Pu-erh on the run.

Comments made

All three look like winners-- let me taste with my eyes only?
22/05 11:52:56
Tea prices 'rising due to demand', -

"We are seeing a rise in sales of fine quality teas... [like coffee], they want to have a great tea experience too..."
29/05 08:52:55
I am quite surprised the spammers take the time to correctly enter image codes.

We found in the cabinet of the monastery a sealed canister of Korean green tea from the late 1990s! Do we open it and enjoy the aged, hidden gem?-- yes, by all means! It still holds strong flavor, Smooth, fragrant notes of melon.
08/06 15:10:24

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