10/05: 2012 Spring Tea Trip - seeking goodies

I don't think I would get any more decent fresh new maocha to make new MGH by now, so my focus would turn to the goodies I could find at the market place, namely, the tea wholesale market.

I did find a few interesting items - no stories. You would find them at our webshop in two months. Some of them are wonderful.

But, I have made a plan to go Tibet and Nepal soon.

Since last year, I had travelled to Shangrila twice, enjoying the most part of the trips. It seemed to be my soul was different before and after the trips.

This year I decided to push the envelope once more, I wanted to go to Tibet and Nepal, if possible, Bhutan. These places are the ones closest to the heaven on earth, you have to be there to understand it. This is the chance of a lifetime, I know if I miss this, it would be very hard to make it up again.

You might think these trips were very expensive, but not for me. The cost of my last 14 day Shangrila trip was less than $ 300, all inclusive. Hard to believe, right?

Yes, I am worried about getting a Tibet Permit and a Nepal visa now, but some of my friends tell me it's not an issue if you have paid up. Let's say everything goes smoothly, I would be back in Kunming by the end of June. I believe I would still catch a few goodies for our clients by then.

Tibet, here I come.

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Good luck. I hope you make it to Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan.
18/05 11:11:44

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