21/03: Pu-erh Tea Recipes

This is supposed to be the top secret. Something like 'I can tell you, but I have to kill you'.

Remember that the grade 1 is the best, while the grade 10 is the worst in grading tea leaves, based upon Chinese system.

1. Xiaguan Tibetan Flame Brick

30% Grade 9-10 Sun-dried macocha, 3% Green Tea (baked dried), the rest, stems and other tea leaves cannot be sold because they were so poor in appearance.

Receiving end: Poor Tibetan people
Shocking! It seems that the recipe was made to go as cheap as possible, but is true.

2. Menghai 8582 Tea Cake

8% grade 5-8, 20% grade 7-8, 44% grade 9-10, the rest, stems and other tea leaves cannot be sold, 26%.

Receiving end: Hongkong
The higher grade (5-8) leaves were used to cover the surface of the cake so as to make it look pretty, But it still looks like someone wanted to dump a bunch of unwanted stuff!

Back in old days, Green tea and Black tea were bread and butter for a tea factory. In order to avoid the unwanted to go the wasted land, they invented the recipes. The purpose is to sell them off at the lowest price possible to whomever.

But one thing hold up for these recipes to work in the days to come, tea leaves were mostly harvested from Old Tea Trees.

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