18/03: Tea for dump

Do we got a tea that was taken off from the shelf. Surely you bet.

I am tasting it right now, out of curiosity.

It was a white pekoe silver needle I bought 3 years ago, really it's a light green tea. We did not have it sold within a year - it meant its life was expired, so it was removed from our webshop.

Well, this tea is so much like a tea I used to taste at a airplane or a restaurant. No offending, most so called 'Green Tea Teabag' nowadays sold at most grocery stores tasted just like it. You can image the tea drank by American majority is such a bad being, no wonder people were turned off, they would go Starbuck coffee for a decent beverage.

Likewise, this type of 'expired' tea gives people a bad impression for a tea, so as to stop them to explore more teas.

Such tea should go to a dump! I, for one, would never order a tea at a airplane or a restaurant, it's always bad.

On the other hand, our 2009 Yunnan Premium Silver Thread Tea is tasted just fine, although it's about 2 years old. Why? I think it was made differently, the most important part was that it's sun-dried, just like a green Pu-erh tea, so it would keep its taste the better and the longer.

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Thanks for this and the previous clarification on mediocre tea. In America, one should really question the quality of most anything in the average grocery store-- even pricier items. Tea is an excellent example. The country is just way too big and the supply demand for corporation stores too high; quantity seems to reign over quality.

People ask me were I get my tea and I say, from a guy in Indiana who visits the tea villages twice a year. He has a great website.
Oh by the way, I noticed a clean new website design.
20/03 13:48:37

It's a person like you to make our works highly rewarding.
21/03 20:07:19

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