02/03: What is an 'Organic' Pu-erh Tea?

Like many modern agriculture products, Pu-erh tea is no longer a naturely 'organic' beverage, some pesticides and other chemicals are used in the modern tea fields.

There are a few things we need to point out though.

First of all, majority of Pu-erh teas are safe to brew and drink. A number of inspections by various organiztions had been conducted, every report confirmed that Pu-erh tea was the safest one among all Chinese teas, sometimes even if it was containing minimum chemical elements, it would be well below the average, surely met the standard. Comparing with other foods we consume every day, it is likely Pu-erh tea poses the minimum risk. Sometimes, our tap water has more chemicals, even spring/bottled water cannot be guaranteed chemical free. So it is really a question of how much you are exposured to chemicals.

Secondly, if we only buy a Pu-erh tea with an 'organic' seal, what's going to happen?

a. We would have few selections
b. All teas we got would be most likely the ones made by plantation tea leaves
c. There is no good premium big/ancient tree leaves in our offerings, you cannot certify a tea field with big/ancient trees.
d. Yet the price would be higher. In China, an 'organic' certification means money

Based on above, I would say a certified 'Organic' Pu-erh tea sucks most likely, it can hardly be good, never be great.

5 years running around Yunnan tea producing regions give me the confidence that if we go for premium big/ancient tree leaves, our teas made would be 'naturely' organic, without a certification. Far away deep in the mountains, tea farmers have no money for chemicals, nor they would trouble themselve to use chemicals. So you would get some pure tasty teas to enjoy.

That's how our MGH were made.

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I worked for an non-certified organic vegetable farm in Wisconsin. Like your MGH teas, we sold the vegetables based on face-to-face relationships. We couldn't legally say our vegetables were 'organic' but the farm and farmer's dedication to the organic practices were apparent.

I took eight weeks off from drinking tea; I have now been drinking it from time to time, usually in the afternoons. Gratitude arises in me for the warm green liqueur.

I met a gentleman yesterday afternoon, a friend of a friend. We showed him the hot water pot and told him to help himself to tea. While he was filling the pot, his face lit up while he shared about a white tea he has been drinking lately. I immediately went to my stash and pulled out my 2006 Silver Tips cake from you. I crumpled off a hand full of tea for him and said, "Try this." They had never seen a tea cake before and especially not a silver needle tea cake.
06/03 15:21:12
I would like to grow my own organic vegetable in my hobby farm when I am retired. Good stuff.
06/03 20:44:21

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