27/02: Buy a Pu-erh tea for aging, Part IV

We rushed to a conclusion a bit earlier than we should. A few points need to be explained.

A strong, bitter, and astringent tea is better for aging? Not so fast.

A 'baked' plantation tea from Menghai most likely has all characteristics mentioned above, it smells great, very strong in taste. The problem is that it's a 'GREEN' tea made in a wrong way. A big tree tea made by the traditional method from the same area would taste 'weak', grassy, and not so strong. Most would jump to a conclusion that the plantation tea has a better aging potential since it tasted so good and strong.

Now if you compare a Menghai tea with a Yiwu tea, you would be confused even more. Yiwu big tree tea is so mild, it's no match to a Menghai tea. You would easily decide Yiwu tea is no good for aging.

The tea processing has been improved since 2007 after the Pu-erh tea market melt down. People started to pay attention to tea making techniques. Tea making machines are good in large scale production for main stream products, but for most premium teas, you better do it manually.

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