22/02: Buy a Pu-erh tea for aging, Part II

Nobody has a crystal ball when it comes to decide if a tea has great aging potential.

Apparently, someone does have a better understanding on the matter, especially some Hongkong tea merchants who bought tons of teas every year. For example, 2006 Changtai 339 Pu-erh Tea Cake can hardly be called a great tea when you drink it young. One thing I could not stand it is its smokeness. Yet, this tea cake is considered as one of the best aging candidates. It would age marvelously well in Hongkong.

For a person whom lived in Indianapolis, this brick 2007 Premium Mengku Arbor Pu-erh Tea Brick (or in cake form 2007 Mengku Arbor Pu-erh Tea Cake) has performed quite well, it is not a super star, but it does change along the years.

Everyone knows that standard Dayi 7542/7532/8582 and a few other Menghai receipes would age handsomely.

Well, this still not answered my question: how do you pick a good tea that would age well into the future?

Stay tuned...

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