28/01: I have a dream

Recently I was engaged in Taobao business more than anything.

We have become a 5 diamond seller (5000 items sold) at Taobao, watching our revenue going up to beat all our US based businesses combined. In this Chinese holiday season, we have broken the record.

Maybe this is the way to survive in the tough years to come?

I was in a grocery store yesterday and found everything became so expensive - I could hardly afford anything. A $ 10 is more or less like a Chinese ¥20 in terms of buying foods and vegetables.

It is possible that I would be returning to Kunming, and become semi-retired, conducting some business at Taobao, and doing the wholesale of teas for a better living.

Come to think about it, It is highly feasible. Like Mr. Steve Jobs said, if I wake up every morning thinking about it, maybe it's time to pursue it.

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ah... thank you for the Steve Jobs quote.

It is ok if you have to go; and you will have a better living.

A little morning gatha for you called "waking up":

"Waking up this morning, I smile.
A whole new 24 hours are before me.
I vow to live each moment in mindfulness.
And look at beings with eyes of compassion."
01/02 11:57:34

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