21/01: 2012 Tea Hunting Season Starts Soon

I am writing on the eve of Chinese New Year - this is going to be a Dragon year.

To be honest with you, I have never been a fun of Dragon, thinking it as a wicked, evil, mean spirited beast.

My diner tonight:


Any tea drunk after this meal is delightful.

Nevertheless, the New Year celebration means the Spring is around the corner, and the tea hunting season shall be started soon. The so-called 'early Spring' tea is harvested in as early as March, that's weeks away now as per planning a tea trip.

Recently I read an article about not going to a tea producing region because of the Longjing rule.

It states: Do not go to Hangzhou to buy Longjing the best has already left town. Or Do not go to Yiwu to buy Pu-erh, since the best has already been bought and gone.

For a new comer or a tourist, the Longjing rule is correct.

I remember I was clueless when I went to Yiwu for the first few times. Nowadays I would take a break at Yiwu township at least twice a year, eating, talking, drinking and sleeping.The town of Yiwu may not be the best place to buy Pu-erh, but it's the place closest to the action - the premium leaves are located within a boundary of 40km circle.

In Kunming, I met with a few seasoned tea vendors, waiting for the delivery of newly harvested premium tea leaves from various tea mountains. Well, guess what, the best had already left town - but to where the best has gone? You would say these tea vendors drank with me got some of the bests?

So, I remain hopeful.

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Jim :

Best of luck on the hunt! I look forward to what you find! It would be nice to have some real top tier stuff.
25/01 14:11:11
You bet.
26/01 18:04:09

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