29/12: 2011 Year End Statement

The worst year of Pu-erh tea has to be 2007.

We have stocked many those mediocre teas in our shop from the very start. Once we learnt, stopped buying based upon the wrapper, the famous name and the so-called reputation, we were progressed one step further.

In 2011, not only most those mediocre teas were sold, but many great new teas had been added to our shop.

If you want to put them in percentage, I would state this:

2008: 30 % mediocre, 50 % good, 20% great
2009: 25% mediocre, 50% good, 25% great
2010: 20% mediocre, 50% good, 30% great
2011: 15% mediocre, 45% good, 40% great

This is a trend we would like to continue in the years to come. Soon enough, you don't have to guess which tea you ordered is a turkey, and all teas we are selling should be above average and beyond your expectation.

It's a promise.

I would like to see the trend to continue in 2012 as follows:
2012: 10% mediocre, 45% good, 45% great

With more than 5 year experience under my belt, I am confidently confirming it.

There, you can hardly miss it if you buy a tea from - It worths every pennies you pay - Should I make it our mission statament?

It's our goal!

Comments made

I can't wait to buy from you in 2014... it will take all the guess work out and no 'turkeys' at all. Just great teas.

Thanks for dedicating your life to Chinese tea and bringing to North America.
23/01 18:45:37
Pleasure is all mine. Thanks.
26/01 18:03:36
One thing needs to be clearly stated. A 'mediocre' tea is not bad or anything, but it did not meet the high standard for a gourmet tea. For example, all teas sold by a grocery store are considered as 'mediocre' teas, also the teas serviced at most restaurants or a airplane.
08/03 08:34:42

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