26/11: Yiwu Workmanship

The most Pu-erh tea cakes and bricks are made in Menghai, but the best workmanship is found in Yiwu.

Modern tea factories are seen everywhere in Menghai, and thousands of tons of teas are produced every year. On the contrary most Yiwu tea factories are small or home based, big steel/steam machine is rare to find and the tradional processing methods are adopted. I found some stone molds were on sale on the main street of Yiwu township, I bought one myself for fun.

You would be able to tell if a tea was manufactured in Yiwu and by Yiwu workmanship.

Take a look at this tong:


This is a typical packing for all Yiwu Pu-erh tea cakes. There are six bamboo strings, and lined up one on another evenly.

If a tong ( 7 tea cakes packed ) is tired by less than 6 bamboo strings, or by another way or by using different strings, it is not a tea made in Yiwu by a Yiwu trained person. Now if the manufacturer claims the tea is Yiwu zhangshan, stone-compressed in Yiwu, it's most likely a false statement.

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