22/11: 2009 Small Banzhang Green Tea Cake

If there is a green Pu-erh I am nagging about, it is this 2009 Small Banzhang Green Tea Cake.

LBZ is what we know and envy about its outstanding performance. So, what is 'Small Banzhang' all about?

First of all, I knew about this tea producing place all along since 2009, when we made our American Hao 0901, and 0906, we had actually blend certain percentage of this tea (back then we called it a 'Bulang' tea) with other raw materials.

Small Banzhang is coming from Zhangjia No. 3 team, a farm/village operated by veterans (a unit of PLA 38th army that fiercely fought against US army in Korea war settled in a no-man's land), close to China - Burma (Myanmar) border, it belongs to the Bulang mountain tea producing region at large. The tea from Zhangjia No.3 team is simply amazing, its aromatic taste is so overwhelming you almost think it's a Tieguanyin, only it's sun-dried and the brewing time is prolonged. Also, it's much more complex and satisfying to drink than a Tieguanyin.

I saw the small Banzhang cake at a tea vendor in Kunming, and thought, well, I got the same thing. They dared to call it a 'Banzhang' and priced so high.

Not until the last few days before I was leaving for the states, I asked to brew a 'small Banzhang' for fun.

Wow, Wow, Wow, it's unbelievably good, if you asked me. There was nothing better till this day! I asked if I could purchase all his stock with a discount. Nope, not much is available anyway, if you want, pay whatever the price or no deal, the tea vendor gave me a cold shoulder.

Nevertheless, I took whatever was available to me at a price they asked, happily, it's totally worth it.

In the next few days, I asked my buddy in Menghai to send me a bag of newly harvested 'Small Banzhang' tea sample, once again, I was impressed. It packed so much taste in it, and so aromatic than most teas I had tried. Unfortunately, the price for new tea had jumped threefold already, and they would not sell to me if I was only willing to buy less than 100kg.

But I remember you now: Small Banzhang.

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Not available in the shop yet?

Happy Thanksgiving to you.
23/11 14:14:20
Any time soon you would find this wonderful specimen at our shop.

Thanks for your interests.
23/11 20:43:38
How strong is the Qi with this tea?
23/09 08:06:37

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