09/10: 2011 Fall Tea Trip VII

In a couple of days, I shall be back in the states.

I wish I could stay a little while longer, but I could not.

I took an 8 day trip to Sichuan's Shangrila, Daocheng/Yading area during Chinese National Holiday - a Youtube video ( would be made for you in a week, it was nice and all that but I found myself out of sync now with the rest of the world, a lots of things waiting for me to finish off after I returned to Kunming. Yes, I shall pack up my luggages and prepare to take off.

It did not hurt for me to pay a final visit to Kunming Tea Factory where I was expecting to find some decent ripe teas. Unfortunately, I did not find much. The teas before 2006 were almost sold out and expensive, the teas made after 2006 did not make me excited ...

One tea we got in our shop, 2007 CNNP Win Ripen Cake was on sale for over 300 RMB ( approxi. $ 47). All 7581 made before 2007 were priced so high, I was shocked!

In the end, I did find something I liked. There was a loose leave ripe tea packed for a Russia merchant entered my view. It was an export oriented product so the packing was good with a lots of Russia language, the tea inside the box looked clean and decent. Well I guessed I would like to take some of it.

No regret there.

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Thanks for posting. Look forward to the video.
12/10 14:41:26

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