22/09: 2011 Fall Tea Trip VI

There is a widespread speculation on the price jump next year because of dismay tea harvests this whole year in Yunnan from Spring to Fall. In addition, our governments could not keep the inflation at bay ...

On the other hand, if we found a decent tea now, there was no reason to shy away from it. So we would have 3 more MGH teas to join our MGH family.

MGH 1109 - 2011 Fall Mangfei Big Tree Green Brick (250g)
*** MGH 1105 was so good, we decided to make an inexpensive version of it by using Fall harvest leaves.
MGH 1110 - 2011 Fall Gaoshanzhai Ancient Tree Green Cake (100g)
*** It is a ultra premium tea cake we made it into a 100g small so it is affordable.
MGH 1111 - 2011 Fall Hekai Ancient Tree Green Cake (100g)
*** It is a ultra premium tea cake we made it into a 100g small so it is affordable.

Actually one more MGH candiadate was under consideration.

MGH 1112 - 2011 Fall Guafengzhai Ancient Tree Big Yellow Leave Green Cake
*** Very nice and aromatic Guafengzhai at 1/4 price, but its astringency at the back of the tongue sets it apart from its premuim status.

MHG 1112 had been ordered, to be manufactured soon, but if it was awarded with a MGH brand name, I don't know. I have to check it again to see if it is up to the MGH standard. You see, not all teas are qualified as a MGH.

In just few years, MGH would become a trustworthy brand. At least that's our goal.

Comments made

What is the story behind the MGH 1105 and is it no longer available?

23/09 11:14:50
MGH 1105 is not available in USA just yet, it would be in a few weeks.
23/09 19:07:09
Ah, I now recall it mentioned in your post, "19/09: 2011 Fall Tea Trip V".
25/09 09:10:04
Hey Jim press those 100g cakes GENTLY!
I hate prying apart a tuo or small cake like a rock. End up with dust not leaves.
Nothing like a stone pressed cake for ageing or drinking young.
Got your Old Banzhang 1102 cake today! I'm excited. Even the dried leaves are lovely. And loose enough to get a pot without destroying the cake. Pressed just right.
Can't wait to try it.
Have a great trip.
26/09 15:10:49
I knew. The instruction was given to take extra care to make these small tea cakes. The cakes have been compressed, and they are put to a naturely dry - at least 5-6 days before they are packed.
27/09 10:08:49
I think now is a good time to buy pu erh, it definitely won't get any cheaper.Hope to read more blog more often in the future.
10/10 08:57:54

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