30/08: 2011 Fall Tea Trip III

Despite my jet lag, I was at Kunming Tea markets every single day. The goal was seeking some decent old teas at a reasonable price before heading down to Xishuangbanna for 2011 Fall harvest.

Today's lucky find was a vintage 93 ripe tea cake.

Back in 1993, Kunming Tea Wholesale Market was just opened. A tea merchant stocked up his inventory for business. This year, after close to 20 years in business, he decided to call it quits. It went without saying that his inventory was up for graps.

Somewhere in a dark corner of his warehouse, we found this tea cake.

Some says a ripe tea would be good enough after 3 years in storage, it makes no sense to hold it for a longer period. I bet you would happily disagree once you taste this tea cake. At least I felt this way.

First of all, the said cake was lightly fermented, it was compressed very tight - somehow I did not believe it was a 18 years old. Also, it did not help since it was stored in a dry condition at Kunming.

In any event, its taste prevailed, I would enjoy it day in and day out if I could afford it. At this point, its age became irrelevant.

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Hey Jim.
Do you ever take pictures of the tea markets?
I'd love to see them!
Have a great trip home.
21/09 21:48:17
I am newbie for Puerh Tea, must learn more from u.
26/09 07:01:31

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