28/08: 2011 Fall Tea Trip II

The 88 Qingbing is a legend, it is one of the most famous aged tea cakes at the market place.

I was lucky yesterday to have a tea session with a few senior tea merchants in Kunming. After a few fresh newly harvested big tree maochas were served, we talked a lots about the aged teas. Our host brought out a number of his possessions to show off, and we picked a few to taste.

The aged teas were good to our stomach after so many cup of drinks, yet they were also so much endurable, seemed to be lasting forever, so we were only able to taste 3 aged teas.

The first two were good, but no major story teller. The last one was the famous 88 Qing cake. I remembered I had it 2 times with my tea friends in the past but I owned none of it since it was terribly expensive.

88 Qing cake said to be a CNNP 7542 made around 1989-1991, it was bought by a Hongkong tea merchant Mr. Chen (Clouds) for roughly HK$ 11 Hongkong dollar (less than USD $2) apiece back in 1993. Today you are lucky if you could get a genuine one for USD $ 1900.

Further reading by himself is at here: under the title '2008-03-01 The Late 1980's 7542 (88 Qingbing)'.

Our expectation was so high because it was a talk-about tea, few got a chance to drink it.

It lasted for more than 20 brews before we retired to a late lunch.

People around the tea table spoken little about the tea, and we agreed the 88 Qing cake had some LBZ material blend to amplify its taste, it took a while for the tea to start to release its taste. I felt that it was grossly over-rated, an aged tea with a cooked-up price, ya, a wonderful tea, not really because I had better. I would never spend more than $ 100 for a being like such.

Then people around the table started to comment, they shared the same opinion with me. After all, it was an aged classic 7542, made of plantation tea leaves.

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So pleased to hear your story here about your tea tasting.
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