13/08: 2011 Fall Tea Trip I

Watch US dollar taking a nose dive against Chinese currency, it's painful to plan another China trip.

A man's hobby starts to fail apart, it becomes an elite's game, a rich man's privilege, so to speak.

The ticket in this Fall is much more expensive than ever before, I have to book a trip that stops over 5 different airports and spend two days on the road. It's going to be a long, tiring trip.

Is it justified? I think not.

Not until I started to update the photos of some teas we got in 2 years ago. I digged out a few American Hao tea cakes made in 2009, and started a photo session at a sunny afternoon.

One by one, I checked these teas, and the stories behind each teas came alive, displaying right before my eyes. I was missing these moments when a good tea was found, and then how we managed to make it into a being. Up and down, hardship and fun all came together.

In addition, the tea in my hand is telling another aspect - we grow with our teas, now teas have aged a bit, they exhibit some copper tone leaves and nice smell.

All of these make me think it's worthwhile to take another trip.

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