13/08: MGH in the future, Part III

It takes me a long while to fully comprehend this even it is so simple, consider it a top secret, ha ha!

Many tea goers are frustrated by the 'good' teas that they bought turning into trash. It has been found that many initially good tasting teas often didnít age all that well, whereas a lot of ordinary (even nasty, smoke) stuff would turn out to be quite decent over time. A tea that was floral, sweet and fragrant when it's fresh new could be dull, sour and empty when it's aged.

What went wrong?

A (green) Pu-erh tea is made for aging. If I am looking for a tea that is floral, sweet and fragrant, a fresh Green Tea is the one. We bought the Pu-erh tea for aging, and we sample it along the way as time goes by ...before it takes on a darker, mellower characteristics.

Now you are close to an answer.

Here, we have to ask again, what is a Pu-erh tea?

The definition:
The tea leaves from Yunnan are plucked, panned and kneaded, sun-dried in an open field, and then steamed, finally compressed into a tea cake/brick/tuo.

Believe me, many so called Pu-erh teas are not made according to above, based on my own experience/eyewitness.

Firstly, unlike other varieties of tea, Pu-erh tea is traditionally made with older leaves (few or not the first flush or bud leaves). These are of a type only found in Xishuangbanna, part of Simao, and part of Lincang, known as broad (large) leaf tea. In real world, many foreign tea leaves from other parts of the country are blended into Pu-erh, and too many young buds/tips are selected.

Secondly, Pu-erh tea should be made by following the traditional processing method, especially it should be SUN DRIED. In real world, the tea processing has been modernized. Many machines are now used to process the tea leaves, the most damaging one is the electric dryer to bake the tea leaves (for that floral, sweet and fragrant scent like a green tea, for that first great impression when it's fresh).

The last factor, the Oolong processing methods are introduced into Pu-erh production by some tea makers from Taiwan and Fujian. They are packaged smarshing, clean, nice looking and initial good tasting, well presented. As a result, Pu-erh tastes like a Tieguanyin or a Oolong or even a black tea. Sounds familiar?

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Do you have any cakes available you can recommend to get a real large leaf taste?
13/08 15:02:08
All our single mountain teas are.
30/08 08:58:02

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