09/07: A dialog on 2011 MGH 1104 Pu-erh Brick

2011 MGH 1104 Pu-erh Brick Tea is under the radar, few people knew about it.

Guest: What's the difference between 2011 MGH 1104 Pu-erh Brick Tea and 2010 American Hao 1005 Pu-erh Brick Tea, they look remarkably the same.

Me: 2011 MGH 1104 Pu-erh Brick Tea is a tea for drink now, it was made by using older raw materials.

Guest: Oh, it does sport an older tone, a smooth taste, sort like a Chinese medicine smell. Interesting ...

Me: Please check the aftertaste, it is soothen. Very good after you drink it for a while. No bad feels, simply comfortable.

Guest: Why make it so much the same as your 2010 offering, as in 2010 American Hao 1005 brick?

Me: For convenience, it's so easy to brew, and it offers a good taste. As a matter of fact, we went extra miles to make it the same.

Guest: So what's the short coming? it should got some.

Me: Yes, I know we can use some premium materials and possibly blend somewhat to make it even better/interesting. You can easily spend double on one product, but if it is justified I don't know. We tried to make a tea people drink day in and day out, not something to go to earn an award.

Guest: It seems to me that MGH is expensive.

Me: On the contrary, MGH is cheap. On a dollar per gram basis, MGH is inexpensive than most of our offerings. We are proud of our MGH.

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