23/06: MGH in the future, Part II

The second hint comes from a totally different source.

A young girl worked for my brother in Kunming came from a tea producing region in Lincang, a 'unknow' place for good tea, a very remote village as she could not even point out on a map. I had asked her to get me a few samples from her hometown since her family was engaged in tea production.

Last year, I tasted a few samples from her family and I was disappointed. I basically wrote her hometown off for any tea. The teas she bought me were so bitter, so ordinary, I would not consider to buy any even they were labelled as big tree/arbor material.

In 2011 Spring, I got another chance to taste a tea from her family, made strickly for her family's own consumption or for a distinguished guest. It was such an eye-openning experience. She finally got me a good tea to defend her family's reputation after my harsh comments made last year. According to her, this tea was in a very limited production, less than 100kg per year ever produced, and it was not for sale. Also it was guaranteed big/ancient tree material with no chemical ever applied in the entire history!

Good heavens, this is the tea I am talking about, it may not have a big/famous mountain name attached to it, it may not have known by any tea maker, but it is genuine good.

I believe future MGH should come from a place like such, and made by the material like such.

Now, is a famous/known mountain or village still making sence to get a good tea guaranteed? I think not.

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