19/06: An interesting speciman

We sat down and enjoyed our teas that day, then a new tea was brewed.

By the taste of it, it was old, at least 20-30 years in a dry storage, I was puzzled.

Our host laughed, he said ' you have no clue, right? It's one of Mr. Zhou's teas'. Oh, Mr. Zhou's tea, that was from Yiwu Menluo Tea Factory.

Our host twinkled in a smile, 'It's a 2009 ripe or semi-fermented tea'.


I confessed I had never tasted a tea like such. I was such a sucker for a story on it.

The story went like this:

In 2009, the price for some decent raw materials was low, so Mr. Zhou decided to make some premium ripe with them. Everything went smoothly until 6 weeks into the fermentation, he found that the temperature of the tea pile was low, it was fermented about 40% then stopped, something went wrong! At this point, he either sprinkled more water to ferment the pile further but risk a failure, or he would accept whatever he got this far. He decided to pull the plug, now we had this special specimen: a half-fermented tea.

There is a lot of room for this tea to go further, it is highly infusable. The strong astringency of it's youth has dissipated, it's mellow, sweet with pungent cha qi, and some hints of flower aroma.

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Is this available for sale in your store?
21/06 11:56:08
Yes, it's going to be available in a month or so.
23/06 10:14:50

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