08/06: MGH in the future, Part I

I got this idea from Baichatong, a small tea shop that is 5 minutes walk from my home in Kunming.

Mr. Ai Tian at Baichatong, a senior tea maker did not name his tea according to the geograghic area where he got from, which mountain or village like most of us, instead, he labeled his teas by the generation, the 1st generation, the 2nd generation, and etc...

I knew his 1st generation tea was from Menghai area, the best, then he moved his production some other place he would keep as a secret, only telling us it was the xth generation. My lucky guess is that most of his new resources were in Lincang. For example, he had cooperated with Mengku Rongshi Tea Factory to make 2006 Arbor King tea cake, batch 601.

If you like me, go to a well-known tea mountain, and try to collect the best raw material, the chances are: you are not getting the best of LBZ,Yiwu and Bulang, most likely you are only getting the second best or even less!

The best raw material is normally reserved for the repeat/distinguished customers, you can't get it no matter how! This behavior is written all over in chinese culture.

Now you have to invest heavily to gain the privilege to buy the best at a premium. What if you only drink (chinese hard liqour) with the tea farmer once a while, and you are only going to see him once a year?

Not a chance!

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Doing this would force the tea drinker to decide the taste for themselves-- so as long as the taste
Is there, I like his idea.
21/06 11:55:39

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