15/04: My rewards with my new Lavida

My little VW Lavida did me a lots of good since it arrived on April 6th. I drove it down to Xishuangbanna in just 6 hours.

It was proven a great buy the first hour I drove it. The handling was great with decent power, and low gas consumption, it was a better car than any car I drove before.

Although China is not a nation on wheels like America, but it catchs up fast. With a car your range of presence is greatly increased. There is a lots of things you can chase without any hassle. I am happy to load up a few good teas recently, consider it the rewards after I got my Lavida.

Here I am showing off some of the photos I took.

1. My little Lavida - I sold over 300 M65 Field Coats and other US uniforms (Chinese made) at Taobao to earn enough money to buy this little bueaty.

VW Lavida

2. In China, everyone parks on the street

Street View

3. 2003 Puqing Hao Tea cake I just got. It costs 800 RMB (over $ 120) at

Puqing Hao

4. 1998 CNNP 7542, it costs over 1000 RMB apiece to buy, but it is great!

CNNP 7542

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Interesting to hear about your selling M65 Field Coats and other US uniforms. They must be in high demand to be able to purchase a new vehicle with profits. Congratulations. White - Nice color choice.
17/04 20:06:58

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