14/04: American Hao 2011 Spring Line up

In 2011 Spring, we would have at least 4 new American Hao teas to be made.

The first one, MGH 1101, as we had planned, was from Jinggu area. Jinggu got the best looking tea leaves that often are referred as 'big white pokoe'. The aroma is good, and the taste is somewhat light. Our maocha is from a known tea farmer in Jinggu whom used to supplying Lee's Tea Co. , a company only makes premium teas.

The second one, MGH 1102, was supposed to be from Jingmai area, but we failed to get some decent raw materials at a reasonable price, so we gave it up. Instead we found a tea from Dafusai, Mengku area. We were impressed by its big tree characteristics, that was, a good aroma coupling with rich, yet mild taste.

MGH 1103 is from Yiwu area, if you find a lot similarity between it and 2010 Changda Hao Green Pu-erh Tea Cake, you are absolutely correct. The tea was harvested from the same region but it is higher grade. Guess what, it is made by the same tea factory with our seal.

Our MGH 1104 is going to be a golden tip ripen brick. Riding on the success of our American Hao 1005, a new classics is born by using the better, the older (at least 3 years aged), and the higher grade ripe materials. I have no doubt that you would be impressed!

If I could, I would make a lots more new American Hao, now called MGH to distinguish our new start on premium teas. FYI, American Hao = MeiGuo Hao (MGH), it is the same thing.

When I was in Xishuangbanna, I felt it's 2007 all over again, it was crazy. I cannot image to sell a new tea cake at over $ 50 based on the current cost pricing, so I did not buy much, nor I could afford it.

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Dear Sir:
Thanks for the update. It is always a pleasure to hear from you, especially while you are traveling.
14/04 11:54:18
Enjoyed drinking the MGH 1101 from breakfast to all throughout the day. It deserves to be drank in a clear glass and the beautiful full leaves admired.

Good job.
01/11 13:55:26

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