19/03: Waiting Game

China is the only country I know that you order a new car and you have to wait for the delivery. I am stuck in Kunming.

The news from the front is not that encourage either. The price for the first flush harvest has gone through the roof. LBZ tea is said to be worth 1400-1500 RMB (roughly $ 215- $ 230 ) per kilo. That is, a 200 gram LBZ tea cake would cost about $ 50 to make. If I add the shipping charge and the profit, the cake should be retailed at $ 70 apiece! It is much more expensive than our American Hao 1002.

I turned my attention to some of the bargains I could get from the ealier years. I found a decent Gua Feng Zhai that was in very limited supply and a 5 plus year Yiwu here in Kunming. The pity was that I could only get a few pieces.

I called my buddy in Menghai for some fermented/cooked teas. Without any hesitation, he said he got nothing for sale. The raw materials were so costy, they did not bother to produce anything since last year.

But I still hoped that the situation should be improved in a month or two when the majority of the Spring harvest hits the marketplace.

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Great to hear news about the 2011 spring harvest and your trip. Good luck.
01/04 10:26:43

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