13/03: Puerh Shop in China

I left Indy on March 8th, my plane landed at Kunming March 10th, after 30 plus tiring hours spent in 3 airplanes and 5 airports.

I had talked to my friend in Xishuangbanna twice, asking the information on 2011 Spring tea harvest. At the first call, he told me that there was nothing yet since there was no rain. At the second call yesterday, he told me that Xishuangbanna finally saw a solid 4 hour rain, the fresh tea buds should come about and in a few days, we should have something.

I was busy in Kunming also. I ordered a new VW car called Lavida built in Shanghai. The pretty little Lavida got a 1.4L engine that consumes less gas than a Honda Civic, but delivers an impressive power of a 2L engine. After getting my Taobao business (which pays my new car and most expenses occured in China) back on track, one of these things I am investigating now is that if I could set up a tea selling operation based in Kunming.

Puerh Shop in China ( should be good in two ways:

1. For international customers not in USA, whom pays twice the shipping charge if they buy from (one charge from China to USA, another one from USA to their country). As you know, it is very expensive to ship from USA to other countries.

2. To facilitate the quantity order/wholesale business. while we have limited inventory in USA, we can get a lots of inventory here in Kunming.

The problems, I got to find the right people to manage, and I got to figure out the best logistics.

Let's see what happens.

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