24/02: Shopping List

As you might know, my 2011 tea trip shall be started.

It's high time to draft a shopping list.

In addition to a few premium green/raw Pu-erh teas, I will pay attention to a few good ripe/cooked Pu-erh teas. Although I get most pleasure to drink a few green/raw Pu-erh teas for their aroma and taste, but the daily drink for most people, including myself, is a ripe Pu-erh. You can drink it day in and day out, cups after cups without much problem. I used to be able to take the punishment of a large intake of a green Puerh, and enjoyed the feeling of starvation.

The problem for the ripe Puerh, however, is the taste. First of all it takes many, many years for people to get used to it. Secondly most people feel that all ripe Pu-erh tastes about the same, you tried one, you knew them all. Well, this is not true. There is a good ripe Pu-erh.

Our first ripe Pu-erh, American Hao 1005 brick, is already a success. Not only it's inexpensive and convenient, it is full of flavor, creamy and sweet, beat out many brand names. I can image it becomes something collectable in a few years.

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