03/02: 2011 Spring Tea Trip Scheduled

2011 Spring is fast approching so I made the move to book a ticket to fly China at the second week of March.

As I have planned, I will stay in China for a prolonged period, almost 3 months. I won't be return USA till the end of May.

For 2011 teas, I will have to pay more to get them into a ultra-premium status. I may even have to give them a brand new name, to signify that our experimental stage in making Pu-erh tea is over. It's time for real thing.

The best materials will be collected, Yiwu Manluo Factory will be contracted as the manufacturer, extra dollars will be paid to better teas.

I have also tossed a few ideas if I would start a wholesale/oversea operation in Yunnan. As you know I have accumulated some inventory in Kunming, and is alive since last year.

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