03/02: Cybercrime

At the start of every year we became a victim of a cyber crime.

When reading about instances of cybercrime, we often get caught in the numbers and think about the details of a particular attack or exploitation of a technology, and actually forget that the victims will have to live with the consequences.

Case 1. Jan. 2010 at a Friday, I got an email from a very close friend of mine, he said he was stolen off everything and stuck at a London hotel. The email address was correct, the tone in the email was genuine my friend that I used to. The request was simple, send him $ 1000 for help. I did not hestiate to rush to a Western Union stop to wire the funds. A few hours later, my friend emailed me again, this time he said he was stuck at London International Airport to struggle for a ticket to fly home. You knew I had to send him another $ 1000. What shocked me was there was the third email from the same guy, asking nothing but money again. But the excuse was suspicious. He said that he carried a $ 50,000 check and UK customs refused to let he go boarding unless he paid up the duty! I finally realized I had fallen to the victim of cybercrime.I called his house and his cell phone, the line was always busy or no one picked up. I decided to wait for a few hours to try. Sure enough, after a few hours I finally connected to my friend. He had been nowhere but in town, and he was aware of the fact his email box and phones were hijacked.

Case 2. Jan. 2011 at a Friday, I got an order at Puerh Shop for $ 350 gift certificates. The minutes the certificates were released, an order to cash the certificates came in for all our good stuff. We prepared the order and shipped it out to Russia asap. By Sunday evening, Paypal sent us an email and took back the funds. Now we realized we were, once again, fallen to a cybercrime.

This is the guy who did the crime:

Dmitry Khudik
Korolenko 6A 50
Moscow, 107014
Moscow, Russia

Both happened at a Friday, so you cannot rectify the cases right away. By the next Monday, everything became history. We had reported to the police, Western Union, Paypal and all parties related, but nothing helped.

Back in 90s last century I managed a computer store that was constantly a victom of vandalism, When I walked in the store, the windows were smashed, and all demo computers, fax machine and etc were gone. I reported to the police without any hope to recover the loss. After 3 times, I was finally caught up, our insurance premium was more than doubled.

That is the cost of doing business, my friends.

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If this make you feel better, my Russian friend become victim of the crime from guys from London too. He got email that hi won Green Card (USA) but was asked to Western Union 800 bucks to London!!!!
LOL. I's good chance that that Russian crooks who got you been schemed in order by englanders.
02/03 13:14:40

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