20/12: What makes Yiwu Manluo so good

Our shipment of 3 Yiwu Manluo Teas arrived.

This is something I am longing for, something very special.

After this season, Puerh Shop would have a lot of good teas to stand out, to rank us a good Pu-erh tea shop with some very decent selections. Remind you that two more premium aged tea cakes would come to USA very soon.

Why a Yiwu Manluo tea is so good?

First, it is from my own experience. To build a relationship with a tea farmer, it takes time. You are not getting the best harvest even you offer big bucks. Mr. Zhou is the man in the centre stage of Yiwu tea, he knew every Tom, Dick and Harry in the area, he managed the government owned Yiwu tea production house since 80s last century.

Secondly, the tea making experience. I had some rough idea how a good tea should be made like such, but no one can beat a man whom had made teas in his last 30 years. He knew which area, which tea village, and which tea farmer to get something highly desirable. He also knew what he had to do to make a fine final product. For a sheng/raw/green Pu-erh, good Maocha speaks volume.

2010 Yibang tea got me all impressed. I could not dream about I could come up with something at this caliber. It is grand, super premium stuff!

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