02/10: 2010 Fall Tea Trip, Part VI

Yiwu Manluo Tea Factory is the largest and the oldest modern tea factory in Yiwu. Most others can only be called tea workshops.

The boss, or owner Mr. Zhou was well known, a true senior tea maker in Pu-erh tea circle. I met his son, a 30 something man first whom was now the manager of the factory, then Mr. Zhou showed up. We chatted a little and surprisingly he knew me and heard my tea chasing stories via a friend of mine.

Mr. Zhou

'Changda Hao' was his registered trademark since last century, it was a well recognized name domestically and internationally. Naturely I wanted to taste his teas to verify it.

We started with a 2003 classic Changda Hao cake in his storage, then moved on to a new born 2010 Yiwu cake. What caught my attention were one 2010 Spring production in 250g, and two 2010 Fall productions - not available to market just yet.

I loved Mr. Zhou's tea, every single one had its own merit, no wonder people all over the world came to him for good teas. They were maybe a bit pricey, but they were well justified. I talked about a bunch of famous brand names in Pu-erh, Mr. Zhou smiled and expressed his confidence over any others!

I planned to load up, and I wanted to return to his place for newer productions in the days to come. As a matter of the fact, our future American Hao (year 2011 and after) shall be manufactured by Yiwu Manluo Tea Factory. I considered it a step up.

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