30/09: 2010 Fall Tea Trip, Part V

We arrived at Mangzhi Tea Mountain on Sept. 26th. just in time for great Fall harvest.

Mangzhi Tea Mountain is one of (Big, Old, Original) Six Tea Mountains, at its north sits Gedeng Tea Mountain, at its east sees Manzhuan Tea Mountain. Also it is closed by Yibang Tea Mountain. All these 4 tea mountains are famous for great rare teas, the question is if you can get it for real? And if it is genuine?

An order was issued two weeks ago for some genuine Mangzhi Big Tree Tea.

Big Tea Leaf

The place is called Anle (translate as 'a calmly happy place') village. The supplier of our tea was the head of Anle village.

An Le Village, Mangzhi

In this eco heaven, old tea trees are vivid within a rain forest.

Tea Trees

Tea Trees

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