19/09: 2010 Fall Tea Trip, Part IV

The 2010 American Hao line-up

Already made and on sale:
American Hao 1001 Spring Youle Old Tree Tea Cake 400g

In production:
American Hao 1002 Fall Banzhang Old Tree Tea Cake 200g
- A genuine Old Banzhang tea, wanna know what a real old banzhang tastes like?
Amercian Hao 1003 Fall Youle Old Tree Tea Cake 400g
- The sister cake of Amerian Hao 1001

Ordered and in progress:
American Hao 1004 Fall Mangzhi Old Tree Tea Cake 357g
- A Rare Wild Eco Big Tree Tea from one of old famous tea mountains
American Hao 1005 Ripen Menghai Tea Brick 100g
- The first ripen tea under American Hao. A value offer for the mainstream, like our American Hao 0901

A total of 5 teas. This may be seen as a sharp contrast to our 2009 offerings (a total of 10 teas were made), but I ensure you that every single one of our 2010 productions should be from good, great to excellent, I'm very much proud of them.

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