17/09: 2010 Fall Tea Trip, Part III

Mansong Tea - The Crown Jewels of Yibang, A tribute tea

Yibang used to be the center of Old Famous Six Tea Mountains back in Qing Dynasty. The administration office called ChaMaSi (the tea horse headquarter/governor office) was located there, and at its peak, there were 7-8 brothels in town.

Mansong got the best of all teas.

In 1845, the imperial court named Mansong tea the Royal tea. Mansong was where the name 'Zhengshan' came from. It was called 'Zhengshan Tribute Tea'. Other Zhengshan, i.e. Yiwu Zhengshan is a name made up years later.

Most Mansong tea fields were destroyed during 50-70s last century, in favor of crop like corn. What a pity!

For the remaining few, Mansong village 'Princess' Hill' is 1375m above the sea level with about 30 some old tea trees, the total yield is about 10kg only.

A Mansong tea is sold at Taobao (Chinese eBay) for 1000 RMB ($ 146 ) per 400 gram tea cake or $ 18.25/50g, no one knows if it is a genuine Mansong tea.

The customers at Puerh Shop are lucky to have me sent home a genuine Mansong tea soon, the same tea I blogged at here. When I saw it again yesterday, I could not resist it anymore. It is just the money, right? Let me get it - a sickness we tea chasers all do.

Mansong Maocha

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