13/09: 2010 Fall Tea Trip, Part I

I had been in Kunming since Aug.

I went to Kunming Tea Wholesale Markets for a few times, and I had a short trip down to Xishuanbanna as well in the last few weeks.

Well, let the truth be told. I found nothing exciting just yet, nothing turned me on, that was, no new thing was found to make me happy. Generally speaking, the price for Pu-erh was going upwards, and it was hard to find a good tea. I could feel the inflation all over the place at this end of the world, everything was more expensive than ever before. I paid 30% more on average for the living expenses, from a simple meal to a hair cut. My favorite repair shop at the street corner was closed, and all breakfasts in my neighborhood got less stuff, and a poor taste, but at a higher price! I had walked 2 miles to find something decant to eat at a premium.

My only accomplishment so far is that I got my chinese driver's licence after an exam with a nearly perfect score (99 out 100). Now I am a free man on mobile. But I could not afford a car considering I am only staying in China no more than 3 months each year and the tough part is where to pack the car during my absence (there is no parking space in China), all fees you have to pay, and etc...

As the great fall harvest fast approaching, my friend agreed to let me have his car for a week, so I will be able to tour these famous tea mountains again ...

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