13/08: A Wholesome Ice Tea

If I tell you I know how to make a great ice tea, you might not believe me.

The Iced Tea is largely an american ingenuity in the last century. It is supposed to be super easy, brew some tea, blend it with some fruit juice, sugar, herb or any other ingredients you desire, place it into your refrigerator, there you got it.

I gained my confidence from my brewing experience.

You see, in making my first batch of beer, I applied a lots of ingredients and herbs I could place my hands on. The resulting liquor certainly got its good aroma and taste, but it was hazy.

To drink it, you were better off by switching the lights off, so no one would ever know. A cloudy beer makes you believe something is wrong, even it's not, your good appetite is lost.

A simple solution is to apply a thin layer of unflavored gelatin (the stuff to make jello) over the top of your cloudy brew. In a day or two, your brew would be cleared up, on par with the best commercial beer in terms of clarity and cleanness.

This same solution can be applied in making your iced tea.

In addtion, ever once you would like to make a sparkling ice tea like soda? It is possible. By sealing your iced tea with some suger water and yeast in a bottle when it's cooled, you can do it and it even comes with some degree of alcohol free of charge. Just don't put too much suger, or your bottle would be exploded like a grenade.

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25/09 10:05:22
Thank you all, it's your encouragement to get me going.
02/10 08:09:18
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07/10 13:15:16
I can recommend using water, ginger, lemon, sugar, and a pinch of yeast. You know, I never thought of using tea.
06/02 17:10:21

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