27/07: 2010 Autumn Tea Trip, the mission

It's better to set a goal before the trip starts.

In addition to a few American Hao arbor GREEN tea cakes if I could manage to make, I intend to venture into one good RIPEN tea cake or brick.

I think I got enough time to handle all of these. Yes, I would have to pull a few strings to get at least one expert to join my team, and supervise the whole process.

In the last tea trip, I learnt that good raw/green materials could be made into a good ripe/cooked tea, so a 'rain water tea' as locals called it should never get into my place.

What is the 'rain water tea' anyway. Well, it is referred to the tea leaves harvested between May - Augest, the raining season in Xishuangbanna. it is weak, pale in taste, bland and all that, selling at a dismal price (cheapo it is). Most tea factories would buy it by the truck load, and made it a few ripen/cooked teas by blending a little bit good materials into it. No wonder most ripen/cooked tasted the same.

The tea I am seeking has to be good when it's raw/green, after the fermentation, it should become something wonderful. I was told the fall harvest was perfect for it : )

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