10/07: Fermenting Thought II

The first bottle of liquor is ready.

Two pounds of corn sugar, 2 limes and a super yeast are all ingredients. The liquor is orange juice alike.

Do I drink this stuff? Nope, it smells nothing but alcohol. No doubt you could get a 'high', spinning headache easily from this stuff. So it's not a product we used to. I would have enjoyed it if it smells like a whiskey or a bourbon. To make it into that, I need to do a lots more.

I need to distill it to a higher degree alcohol, place it into a sealed oak bucket that has burnt interior, and age it for at least 3 years!

I cannot do this since it is illegal in most part of the western world!

But I can do this in China.

It seems to be a great destination to head to China for a lot of experiments like such.

In addition, I could start my own batch of cooked Pu-erh tea.

As you can tell, a thought is being fermented.

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