02/07: Fermenting Thought I

Starting this week, I started some experiments in fermenting, perfect for July 4th holday.

No, I am not talking about fermenting a tea, but a beer or wine since it's the easiest object to start with. The supply of such conduct is aboundant, you can easily pick up a ferment bucket, an air lock, a few bags of suger and a yeast, now you are running with it.

After placing some corn suger into a pot of boiling water, a wort is produced. Wait when it gets cooled down, sprinkle some yeast into the liquor, seal the bucket with an air lock, now you wait ...

The poppling act of the liquour is interesting to watch, as the yeast eats the suger away, CO2 is pop up through the air lock. In a few days, you would end up with a 'beer' .

We learnt a few things here and there.

First of all, in home brewing, the cleanness is utmost important, you risk to ruine your batch by not cleaning up everything. A vinegar is likely, but most likely you would end up with some rotten cloudy water that stinks.

Secondly, a good yeast would produce a desirable tasty beer for joy pretty quickly, while a foreign yeast could force you to label your beer as a 'root beer' or something else.

The third, good ingredients are must-have. A simple suger without any herbs and other goodies would definitely deliver you a diluted Vodka even you did everything right.

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