19/06: Maocha become my favorite

This week I had the chance to taste two of our most inexpensive maocha.

I can tell you that I was nicely surprised.

2008 Nannuo Arbor Mao Cha blowed me away with its aromatic, smooth finish, while 2007 Yiwu Fall Harvest Mao Cha also showed a bright face. The soup for both teas has turned somewhat light red/amber that proven its progress in aging. The roughness, grass trail of a fresh tea leaves were mostly weaken.

I got many tea cakes with the same age, but most of them had not changed so much in their way into aging. To me it proven two points:

A loose form is better for aging
There is something to do with a high temperature steaming used to compress a cake (In the future, maybe I shall experiment a tea cake compressed with a low temperature steaming). A Menghai tea producer told me that the tea cake after a high temperature steaming became more aromatic. But it may slow the aging?

Since last year my daily drink had been mostly composed of the ripen/cooked type, because I wanted to learn more of this type and it was easy on my stomach. Last month, a professor who was conducting a bunch of experiments on Pu-erh tea reminded me that a green Pu-erh maybe more beneficial to my health, my intake of green Pu-erh had been increased.

There I wandered, and found these wonderful maocha.

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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