13/06: Quest for the best Pu-erh tea

There is a famous saying on buying Puerh tea in Chinese.

Here is the translation:

1. Newbie buys based upon the factory ( like Menghai-Dayi, Xiaguan and etc.)
- A person starts his/her Pu-erh tea quest by remembering all these factories
- Big famous factories may not produce the best, but they would never fall below a standard

- Some chopped up plantation tea leaves are blended, marketed as a premium product at a premium
- It is very true that multiple factories compete against the same premium resources, but a few small/unknown vendors got them because they offered a better purchasing price.
- A large factory no longer has an upper hand in making a good tea. A few small/unknown vendors also got the know-hows and the skills. Trust me, it's not that hard to master.

2. The intermediate favors a mountain ( like Yiwu, Banzhang and etc.)
- To be able to name a tea mountain (6 famous tea mountains, 6 new tea mountains, then there are hundreds of tea villages, you have to quit your job to memorize all of them) means you are an advanced tea drinker
- You are able to pick out a tea you liked

- There is no mountain better than another mountain. If I got the control of this mountain, I would boost the best coming from this mountain. But do you believe that? Banzhang is over-rated.
- The matter of the fact is, many mountains got very good teas in their own way, you don't like it, does not mean it's bad. An old chinese used to saying that the tea leave is never being bad, only the making and the brewing could go wrong. To learn/train yourself to appreciate a mountain is part of the fun in drinking a tea.
- I hate to disappoint you - true material from a mountain is hard to pursue, most likely that so called pure Zhengshan(GENUINE) tea is a blend.
- A blend tea from multiple mountains can be very, very good.

3. The skilled goes by its taste no matter what it is.
-If I enjoy it in one dimension or in multiple dimensions, it is good....
- Simple and easy, let's go by the basics!

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Though tea is very popular in India, untill recently I wasn't aware the tea culture is so advanced and sophisticated in China. Once I started promoting Tava Tea as an affiliate I began reading about the teas used in this blend - Wuyi Cliff Oolong, Puerh, and Sencha.

I like reading your blog.
31/07 13:31:21
Thanks for your comments.
04/08 20:37:31
Very interesting read. I am new to the pu-reh teas so am doing a lot of research, thanks for the info!
14/08 13:37:09

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