29/05: First American Hao

Today I dig out a piece of our American Hao 0801 and give it a spin.

After two years, what is happening to it?

To tell you the truth, we were not very experienced when this tea was made, and so we were not that confident if it would be a great tea. After all, it's our first.

The dry leaves have changed their color into light brown, and it certainly smells good.

After a couple of infusions, I am happy to say, at least it beats most Yiwu teas I know of. For example, my 2007 Yongpinhao Yiwu is no match to this being. Many others are not even coming close.

First of all, it did show a good aging - maybe a bit faster than I expected, and its soup had turned somewhat orange. Secondly I appreciated the aromatic taste and its sweet aftertaste - who says a tea under 5 years is not drinkable?

I believe we got a winner in a long run.

The only regret I have is that I did not make a ton of it!

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