10/05: Making Samples

Yes, I know. To make a sample of a tea is laborious and tedious.

First of all, you have to allocate the tea, print a label for it. Secondly, the tea is usually compressed, so you have to pry it open and weigh it.

I have to say the most time is spent on preparing the sample when an order is packed. It is not justified!

However, it is a service we shall provide for our clients. The preference on a tea is very personal, one person's trash could be another's darling when it comes to select a tea. I got teas I felt were very good, but my clients just voted them down. One person with his blog could make some real damage when he mentioned a tea with major disappointment. Why bother even try it when someone says it's not that good?

What is the best tea anyway?

For sure it's not necessarily the most expensive ones or because someone says it's good. To tell you the truth, I enjoy some less expensive ones for their aroma and taste, and I could afford them, day in and day out.

So, it's only the right thing to do to let people try it at a minimum and pick their own favourites. Here the samples come ...

We plan to offer the samples when the most of our shipments arrives. And we would offer some sample packs as well to get a few samples in one load for a few dollars, at a good value.


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