03/05: laoCangjia Pu-erh Tea

I had sort of official Xishuangbanna government connection since two years ago, I was introduced to an official who worked at Human Resources in Xishuanbanna government. In China, a government connection is a must have to succeed in business.

This year, we met again, and she took me to a few tea vendors, after some lavish dinners.

One vendor she recommended highly was laoCangjia.

laoCangjia is owned by a middle-aged, divorced woman. She had been in military, government and finally settled down in a private enterprise of her own. It is logical to think of her as an individual with rich resources.

I met with her at a late hour that day since she was with the governor of Xishuangbanna during the day. Whoever she was, I did not care really. I entered her tea shop at the downtown of Jinghong, the capital of Xishuangbanna. Whatever on display was not impressing me either until we sat down to taste.

Wow! Her teas were good.

She started to talk about her resources to get the best tea. It turned out she was a government house representative, so she was worshiped by all villagers as a power figure when she went for her teas.

Think about it, all tea farmers would supply her the best they got! No wonder she got some of the best.

Without hesitation, I digged out all cash I got, and purchased some of her teas, I thought I would be back to her tea shop when I had a deep pocket.

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